24/7 access to your design deliverables

Campfire is our client portal that allows users to request, message designers, and take delivery of their projects whenever, wherever, and without the tangled web of email.

Campfire Dashboard on an iPhone

Campfire is easy to learn!

Forget about never-ending email threads

Our client portal is designed to be user-friendly. With a 10-minute learning curve, you can quickly submit and receive your design projects.

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Fair Question!

Why Campfire
and why not email?

Because email is
a snake pit!

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CAMPFIRE fixes this...

…by equipping you with the essential tools your team and our team require to message…

Sample Campfire Message Thread

…upload and download files…

affordable graphic design services that offer cloud storage

…add, subtract, change plans…

Campfire Subscriptions Dashboard - Desktop Version

…and keep your deliverables in one secure and convenient location.

Campfire Projects Dashboard - Desktop Version


Join us at Campfire

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Campfire allowed us to become a graphic design powerhouse; here's why

Graphic Design work requires communication. Without the confusing email system, our portal has delivered efficiency in the creative collaboration process.

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Task progress

Features your task completion rate from 0%-100%. Know when your project is being worked on.

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Invite multiple users

You can involve up to 5 people on any project at a time. Guests are allowed to see progress updates and message you and your designer.

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1 year account access

No more sending quotes or estimates. Pay with Stripe inside the portal. Cancelation does not lock you out of your account.

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Simple UI

We have designed a portal that contains everything needed to collaborate with you, no more and no less. 

But wait, there's more!


Utilize Slack and
Collaborate in Real-time

Is your company or organization using Slack in their work pipeline? Do you want real-time communication available with your designer? If you are an Ace-High or Ace-High Max subscriber, we provide Slack upon request at no added cost to your business.

Adding Slack to the pipeline creates a few extra steps for us only.


Howdy patron work flow

All links and projects get updated and are still accessible via Campfire.

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"Howdy Patron took it from
A to Z..."

Jeff says:

I had this book idea for ages and never had the resources to complete it. Howdy Patron took it from A-Z, edited 100+ images, whipped up an awesome book cover, and hammered out all the promotional content in two weeks. Campfire allowed me and my copywriter to stay updated the whole time. Awesome value!


Jeff Gretzky

eFitness CEO

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