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Graphic design is our bread & butter

We help you stand out by providing on-brand designs with tomorrow’s trends in mind.

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Illustration landing page graphic design of bread and butter
Graphic Design is our bread and butter - howdy patron
Direct Mail marketing design for pest control company's marketing campaign

Graphic Design on-demand!

Your brand identity is a big deal, show it via your marketing campaign

Acing a successful marketing campaign relies on consistency, originality, and impressive marketing collateral. You get it here.

Our team provides clients with a wide gamut of style potential. We design for customers that require a conservative approach or more unconventional (eye-popping) designs.

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Social Media Graphic Design post for a pest control client

Our monthly design output covers all ends of your graphic requirements, such as updates on letterheads, social media artwork for posts and ads, and something as cumbersome as a direct mail marketing campaign. Keep your brand identity consistent with Howdy Patron!

24-hour turnaround graphic design
on-demand services for most tasks

 Choose from an assortment of graphic design services such as label & packaging graphics, menus, web graphics, image editing, illustration, business reports, book covers, billboards, catalogs, social media graphics, brochures, and more!

Social Media

At Howdy Patron, we design graphics for social media posts, ads, and banners in all plans. Take advantage of our SDS Copywriting service in our Ace-High or Ace-High Max plans.

Social media content aids in business and consumer relationships; this is more true in the Business-to-consumer (B2C) space. Social media allows companies to reach out to various capital pools that are unobtainable by other means. More so, social media is where most consumers will go to judge the legitimacy of your business. According to statistics, 81% of consumers do prior research before purchasing. And the fact is, the more your product/ service costs, the more likely consumers will do research. It is imperative to maintain a social media presence in a B2C setting.

Our graphic design team knows all too well about social media’s importance to your business reputation, and we design accordingly.

Print Graphics

The sky is the limit when it comes to print graphics. There is yet to be a task we couldn’t handle. The graphic design team at Howdy Patron is highly skilled with print collateral, as many of our designers started in print shops.

Adobe documents will often be large for print graphics, surpassing 100MB in file size easily. 300 dpi is the norm for most print projects. However, there is a preference for 600 dpi in smaller print collateral such as labels and small packaged items, e.g., Skittles candy wrappers. Print graphics are also created in 2 different color spaces, usually Pantone and CMYK. However, many businesses use the RGB color space as modern print shops can convert colors accurately.

Further, print documents utilize bleeds. U.S. standard bleed measures .25”. If you require a custom size bleed, please note that on your design brief in the Media & Doc size category.

Golf Display Ad

Web Graphics

Any graphic designer can tell you web graphics are the quickest files to start and jump into, requiring from you, the client, the media size in pixels (px), which you can note on your design brief’s Media & Doc Size category, at 72 ppi.

Web graphics live in the RGB color space, representing a pixel’s red, green, and blue output. The RGB space contains more color potential than print graphics, meaning there are stronger saturation levels in hue than reality has to offer, or rather, print graphics can’t compete with. Web graphics must display on a screen to be considered a web graphic.

Howdy Patron does not offer motion graphics (video or lottie animation) yet.

Hand drawn Children's book illustration Unlimited illustration services on-demand


All custom illustrations are completed digitally here at Howdy Patron. Utilize our illustration services in both web and print-related projects. We do create 100% custom illustrations and do not utilize A.I.

Our specialization at Howdy Patron is in trending illustration styles. Meaning our potential style output is finite. However, this is the best option to maintain consistency with your brand identity and graphics, as finding two illustrators that can match each other’s style is rare, if not impractical.

Our ingenious method in solving this dilemma is hiring talented illustrators specializing in a trending style category, e.g., retro vintage, minimalist vector, children’s book, comic book, etc.

At the moment, we have begun our illustration services with children’s book style. As we expand our illustration styles, we will inform our clients via email.

Want to be notified? Write to, and we will add you to our emailer.

game changer!

Supportive Design
Services (SDS)

Howdy Patron is the first to provide SDS with unlimited graphic design. Our mail-in product photography and A.I.-assisted SM copywriting service takes lost time and the cost burden of hiring locally off your shoulders. If your business involves the private labeling of customer products, our service is strictly designed for you!

Product photography services unavailable to clients outside the U.S. at this time.

Product Photography

In the manufacturing and eCommerce industry, time is of the essence, and priorities shift fast. Our Product Photography frees up your time and gives your products a professional appeal.

Mail-in product photography paired with on-demand graphic design is new; it is highly efficient in speeding up a project’s A-to-Z design turnaround time and is cost-effective for clients. We are thrilled to be the only business offering this service with a graphic design on-demand subscription. We have included it with your Ace-High or Ace-High Max plan.

Our product photographer has several years of experience in product photography and proper lighting techniques. Scroll to see how this works.

A.I. Copywriting

Does Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Copywriting get the job done? The answer is yes. Is A.I. better than a professional human copywriter? No.

Let’s repose the question. Is A.I. copywriting better than an amateur copywriter? The answer is, in most cases, yes. We give it a grade of C to B-. Copywriting tools succeed in making amateur Copy look better. Though, time efficiency is a significant factor in its rise to popularity. It annihilated writer’s block.

We utilize this A.I. tool for optional social media ad Copy. If you want to use A.I. copywriting, check the box on your design brief, and our graphic designers will generate Copy for you.

Our graphic design services are affordable for all business sizes @ 1,100% ROI compared to hiring in-house

how this works!

Unlimited graphic design on-demand & product photography at a flat monthly rate

Ace-High and Ace-High Max is our 2-in-1  plan that helps eCommerce clients and our American manufacturers. Get quality and consistency as we fulfill your entire business-related graphics under one roof.

The golden cowboy photographing a horse on a stick
Your creatives help you step up your eCommerce game by providing high-quality product photography with stellar custom graphic designs for your store. We’ll make your products look great all for one flat, low monthly price.

See our product photography pipeline in action

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Product Photography

Our Product Photographer sets up your product on a white or black background and will alter lighting according to the design specifications included in your brief.



We utilize a Sony A7iii for all product photos. Minor dust, scratches, and imperfections will definitely get noticed. 


Photo taken with 4000k neutral daylight to provide the designer leeway for a daylight or dusk outdoor design.


Photographer provides a generic rim light to highlight the silhouette edge of the product.

- 2 -


We make it look perfect so you can sell more!



Dust, scratches, and imperfections get cleaned up.


Product texture sharpened and colors are manipulated for a more true to life appearance.


Rim light is accentuated to further separate product from the background.

- 1 -


Your product photos are forwarded to your designer and ready for launch.

Product photos that drive sales for eCommerce & Manufacturing

Our product photography feature gets included in your Ace-high and Ace-High Max unlimited graphic design subscription. Call us to see how our product photography can help your business.

  • Must be an Ace-High or Ace-High Max subscriber.
  • 4 products per photoshoot session.
  • 1 photoshoot session per month.
  • Product must be less than 45″ in width and height.
  • Product must be less than 33 lbs.
  • Perishable items will be accepted. However, damage may occur during transit. 
Mail-in product photography subscription icon

Mail us your products

Utilize USPS, FedEx, or UPS to ship us your product. The package must contain a pre-paid return shipping label.

Is it your first time using our photography services?  email us, and we’ll provide our photographer’s studio address.

Mail in product photography icon design

We shoot

Our photographer shoots the same day we receive your products.

24 hr post-processing

Photos are taken into Lightroom and prepped for design use. Once prepped, photos get handed to your graphic designer if design application is needed.

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We mail you back

Your products are mailed back to you on the following Friday, after the shoot. 

Forget about outsourcing different stages of your CPG creative tasks.
Get from A to Z with us


We use a Sony A7 III with Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 lens.

You have the choice of white or black. However, the choice of background depends on how the images are applied in their final design.

Absolutely, mail them along with your products.

24 hours after receiving your products, we will have completed the photoshoot and composited the images.

Generally, transparent glass and plastics take more time and require a more methodical approach to post-processing if the product will be extracted from the background.

We have a male and female mannequin, an upper portion only.

The Future is now!

Manage your SM accounts stress free with our A.I. Copywriting services

Utilizing powerful A.I. and our in-house copywriter, you now have the option to pump out SM ads at light speed. Forget writer’s block and the stress of nailing a perfect call-to-action; we bring catchy and exciting content to the table.

This feature covers your entire social media creative work, from graphic design to copywriting (ad title, company or product, and primary text). Utilize this new feature with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Only for Ace-High and Ace-High Max subscribers. Are you Interested? Let your designer know in your design brief.

Copywriting for social media ads
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Ignacio says:

For years I booked gigs through family/ friends. I then learned how to advertise with social media, which brought me more business. When Howdy Patron began the graphic design process for my posts and advertisements, I had many inquiries and bookings that followed. Giddy-Up Social helped my business in all respects.

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